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Cordova iOS8 Xcode6 not loading world index

Cordova iOS8 Xcode6 not loading world index


I have an app that was working fine in when built with xcode 5 for ios7, but now when trying to compile using xcode6.0.1 and run on an ipad running iOS8 the world file appears to fail to load - the camera view opens as expected, but then nothing happens.  None of the HTML in the world page loads, and none of the javascript files load.  I also get no error messages in the xcode log and the developer debug view in safari is onl showing 'blank' and not the page.  Is there any way I can get better error messages to see what is going wrong, or is this a known issue?

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We haven't updated the Wikitude PhoneGap Plugin with the Wikitude SDK 4.0.2, which is compatible with iOS8. For a manual work-around until we release 4.0.2 for PhoneGap as well, see the following thread: 

Make sure to also read the part with the script in the thread!

Thanks Philipp, I've followed the steps and got the recompiled static library & header, copied them both in and cleaned / compiled the project.  Unfotunately it's still doing the same thing, and I've checked to make sure xcode is seening all the files as reported further down the thread.  Is there anything else that it can be?


I assume you already checked PhoneGap's blog in iOS8?

Hi again, I've followd all those bits and I've got it displaying things in the world view now which is great, but it's triggered two other issues that I think are probably related - do you have any pointers on these as well:

 - The callbacks aren't firing.  I've got a callback that works in iOS7 to close the AR view, but that isn't firing at all in iOS8

 - The touch events aren't firing.  Using AR.context.openInBrowser doesn't fire anything from the onClick event in an ImageDrawable.  Again it used to work in iOS7.  Touch events do work in standard html/js however in the world index.html file.

Thanks in advance for any help on these, Paul



we discovered critical issues in our last testing round of the 4.0.2 release (including iOS8 support), which postponed that release a little bit. We are on it and the release will fix your above mentioned issues as well. Expect it in the next few days.
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