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Application data cleared

Application data cleared


We have stored the app datas in the local storage(database) in phonegap. It is working fine when we go to the other pages in the app. We have used the image detection AR in one page. we have done like when clicking on a particular link, which will open the image detection augmentation and once the detection completed we have used Wikitudeplugin.close() method to close the wikitude and redirect the page using window.location method.When we are in the augmentation screen and clicking on the back button in the phone it clears the phonegap database. Could anybody know when the database or other storages gets cleared? We have to correct this issue ASAP.


thank you

Do you use the docuemtn.location redirects only in your PhoneGap context or do you use them across the PhoneGap/Architect context?

While the Wikitude plugin is presented, the PhoneGap web view is still alive in memory. Do you have to actually write the database on disk or does this happens automatically? I always thought that local storage is also accessable after the application was closed and reopened again so it makes no sense that the database is empty after the Wikitude Plugin was closed. 

The Wikitude Plugin does not clear or manipulate the PhoneGap web view in any way so this might be a local storage usage problem?!

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The first time when we open the app and the augmentation happens and then we redirect to the html pages in phonegap using window.location method. Inside this pages we have used phonegap database storage code to save the data in sqlite db. After this we force close the app and open it again, the database has been cleared. This is only happen when we use augmetaion in our project. Please reply for this.

do you save your data in the phonegap js context or in the wikitude js context?
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