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Error in project with Titanium Studio

Error in project with Titanium Studio

Hi everybody.

I wanted to test the module with my application on Titanium Studio.

I copy / paste the example project and I get this error when I click on the 2em choice. ( example i click on "Image on Target" ).

Thanks for yours answers.


 Script Error {

:      backtrace = "#0 () at file:///var/mobile/Applications/C664185A-5B38-46C4-B895-BB970E4C9FF6/ () at file:///var/mobile/Applications/C664185A-5B38-46C4-B895-BB970E4C9FF6/";

:      line = 2;

:      message = "'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'r.isDeviceSupported(o.augmentedRealityMode)')";

:      name = TypeError;

:      sourceId = 56413440;

:      sourceURL = "file:///var/mobile/Applications/C664185A-5B38-46C4-B895-BB970E4C9FF6/";

:  }

hi marry,
in order to help you I need some more informations:

Are you using your own project or do you test with our sample application?
Did you download the Wikitude Module from our website or from the Appcelerator Marketplace?
Which version of the Wikitude Module do you use?

Best regards


Hi Andreas.


I started to test with your example and it worked. I even edit images and it also works. 

After I wanted to do a test with a new project. I import all the file and change the license code. The module is integrated into the project. Module version 3.2.


It's ok. I updtate the module. 

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