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Wikitude Tracker Manager

Wikitude Tracker Manager

I have a question regarding the Wikitude Tracker Manager. I tried to convert several images into the .wtc format to implement it as my own tracker in the Wikitude SDK example app for further testing. I tried it with images with different resolutions, sizes and contrasts, even a QR Code. Even though some images got a three star rating in the Tracker Manager, it is not working. I can change the overlay image that displays while scanning the example tracker (the surfer), but own created .wtc Tracker do not work. In debug mode I get no error messages, everything seems to be working. I am currently using the trial version of Wikitude.

I hope you got any ideas that might help me solving that problem.

Hi there!

How did you create your new wtc file? Did you use the target manager? In order to see your augmentations you have to make sure that the Trackable2d that you create in your architect world references the same name of the target image you created in the wtc file.

In that case please check if the name of your target image and make sure that there is the same name entered in your Trackable2d. 

Example ( in that case the target name is: "ShopAd":

 var trackable2DObject = new AR.Trackable2DObject(IrAndGeo.tracker, "ShopAd", {

        drawables: {





Hope that helps,

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