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Managing the size of wtc

Managing the size of wtc

Hi again!

Of course you can always implement a logic that only downloads the file when it does not exceed a certain size. However for the SDK to work properly you always need the complete file already downloaded on your device.

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Thanks , yes it's not very suitable for my scenario to have wtc file above 1MB. Is there any way to read from wtc file on a server before downloading all of the file? I mean a better scenario for my case is not downloading the wtc file and just read it on a server. is that also possible?

Thank you very much

Hi there!

The biggest parameters that influence the size of the wtc files is the number of images. So in your case if you want to support 300 target images the size of the wtc file can always be above 1MB. Does your use case not allow a filesize above 1MB?

Hi, I need a target collection to host a large set of targets (around 300 images). I tested 100 collection and it was about 3MB but I need the wtc file to be less than 1MB. I wanted to ask which parameters affect the size of wtc file.

Thank you very much
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