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Set Default Radar Range at first load

Set Default Radar Range at first load


I still continuing making my app using Titanium and Wikitude, using the differents examples

Now I face another problem. I succeed in adding a radar.

I have more than 300 POIs. At the first load, all my POI is displayed, which is very too much on the screen.

So I want :

   1. to limit the default range at the first load

   2. to put a max range on the slider so the users will never be able to have all the POIs (it is useless)


Many thanks to all who will give me the answer...



Hi Phil,

An example on how to limit the range is available on Github. Pleasr follow along with these examples to understand what options you have.

You can either limit the number of POIs returned from the server, or filter them specifically on the client. The way to use, and the implementation, is up to you and your usecase, the Github example is a suggestion how to do it.



Hello Martin, 

In the given sample ( file : )
Is that value I need to change ?


// use distanceToUser to get max-distance

var maxDistanceMeters = World.markerList.distanceToUser;


For example, I only want the POI 1km around me ?



Hi Phil,

The lines you need to change are these:

// update culling distance, so only palces within given range are rendered

AR.context.scene.cullingDistance = Math.max(maxRangeMeters, 1);


// update radar's maxDistance so radius of radar is updated too

PoiRadar.setMaxDistance(Math.max(maxRangeMeters, 1));


The first line sets the range (in meters) where POIs are visible in the camera field, the second line sets the range in which POIs are visible in the radar.



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