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JQuery Mobile detail 'panel' crash (resolved)

JQuery Mobile detail 'panel' crash (resolved)

Using Wikitude 3.3.1 and basing our app on the SDKExample "5_BrowsingPois_2_AddingRadar" (but it is the same in many of the examples) we came across a strange bug. I believe the bug is in JQuery Mobile. 


Our JQuery Mobile 'panel' that displays the POI detail was obviously expanded to display a lot more information about the POI. We added an image and also a 'more info' button to make a call back to Objective C to launch the native browser. As such, the length of the panel was much longer than the screen height and so would scroll, as you would expect. 


The scrolling would sometimes cause the panel to completely disappear as if it had crashed. The panel was still there but no longer visible as you could see the effect of the scroll bar and the footer moving up and down. No further actions (eg deselecting and reselecting a new POI) would bring it back. Sometimes it would also cause the radar to also disappear. Only option was to force stop the application and restart it.


In the end we found that the panel must disable the ability for it to be swiped close. As such, the close button or a tap off the panel to trigger the close to happen instead. Somehow the scrolling (vertically) of a panel would frequently cause some internal crash of JQuery Mobile when it could be swiped (horizontally) to be closed.


For anyone else that struggles with this random crashing of JQuery Mobile when scrolling the panel, the answer is to add 'data-swipe-close="false"' to the attribute of the <div> that defines this POI detail panel.


You may wish to add this to the SDKExamples that all define these kind of detail panels. This bug caused us many wasted hours and blocked release of our app for a few days while trying to track it down.

This works, thank you!
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