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Detach Video drawable from target image

Detach Video drawable from target image


Nicola thank you very much for your reply! This is a very good news! How can I subscribe to recieve Wikitude blog posts to my email? This blog post for example is not found in DEV BLOG. 


Hi Sergey,

The feature you're mentioning will be available with the next SDK release which is planned to be out within the next weeks. Please have a look at this blog post to get details (the feature is called snap-to-screen.




I wonder if it is possible to implement following behaviour: 

- Target image is recognized and video drawable is displayed on top of target image. Video starts playing

- When user takes camera away from target image, video drawable is detached from target image and is displayed in the middle of the screen. Video continues to play.

Currently, when camera is taken away from the target image, I can stop or pause currently playing video and the video drawable itself hides away. Is it possible to make it stay detached from the target image?

Thank you!


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