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Memory issue with 3D models

Memory issue with 3D models


When I try to load more 3d models in the app, the app crashes because it reaches the memory limit (Terminated due to Memory Pressure).

This is the code I use to load and unload 3d models


Creating a model:

World.currentModel = new AR.Model("3d/"".wt3", {

onLoaded : function()


this.rotate.heading = 60.0;

this.translate.x = -10.0;









Deleting a model



World.currentModel = null;


How can I solve this issue?




I also tried adding a clearCache command when I'm deleting the model, but nothing's changed.

Up please.

Hi Luca,

Can you please update the SDK to version 4.0 which was launched yesterday and check if the behavior is fixed. You can download the SDK from here.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



Hi Nicola.

It seems to be solved with 4.0. Thanks
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