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Scheme Wikitude App

Scheme Wikitude App

Hi Antonio,

You can access the World you created (pre-requisit: you have published the World either via Wikitude Studio or via our Publishing Tool) in the Wikitude app via the Searchbox at the top. Just enter the name and the World should be listed.

I hope this helps. Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.




The World, I has been developed for me...

I hope the answer of the Wikitude support team.

Thanks one more time.

Did you develop the World by yourself (Wikitude Studio) or is it a World from someone else?
Currently you can only link to your own Worlds.

I will forward this thread to our Wikitude support team. They can help you more efficiently then I.

Best regards


Thanks for your answer!!!

I want to open a specific World. 

any suggestions...



Did I understand you correctly, that you want to open the official Wikitude iOS application from within your iOS application using a url scheme and the method? This functionality is not supported.
Do you want to open a specific World or simply the application itself? Maybe we have something else for you.

Best regards



I am beginner in using wikitude. 

In my case, developing an app using AIR. I need to connect to the app wikitude and for this, I need to know the schema using wikitude in ios.


Can anyone help me?


Thanks in advance
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