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Set ARMode to IR on Android. How to?

Set ARMode to IR on Android. How to?

When you call "onCreate" on the ARchitectView, you can specify the AR Mode in the ArchitectConfig parameter. You can look at the source code of our sample application as a reference, the samples are initialized with different AR modes (IR, Geo, or both) depending on the features they need.

I am interested in this question too.

I am working on android and I am triyng to set the AR mode when initializing the SDK view to "IR only". After reading your documentation I still don't know where to do it.


I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you,


Hi Sergey,

Every ArchitectView is equipped with IR and Geo features. Depending on the experience you emplement you may use them even in combination. Check out the SDK samples application and its documentation.

Note that you need to have a matchin license once you want to publish your application (check out "professional" version of the SDK)

Kind regards,



There are different AR Modes application can be used. My application needs to use only IR mode only but I cannot find how to set it. There is no setter method I can find on ArchitectView and there is no constructor I see that accepts ARMode. May I ask you to advise me how to set ARMode to IR in Android?


            this.architectView = (ArchitectView)this.getView().findViewById(;


            final ArchitectConfig config = new ArchitectConfig(");


            this.architectView.onCreate( config );




Thank you! 
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