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Avoid hide marker after the first recognition

Avoid hide marker after the first recognition

Hi there... how can i do it?

The snap to screen feature allows you to do that. Please find more details on it in the documentation once it is released. Will be later today.

Hi, I want to avoid to hide markers after the first recognition.

I notice that my image is a little unstable and I would take visible the markers after the first recognition or increasing the time used to hide markers if they are not recognized. Is it possibile?

Thanks A lot!


Not sure if I understand you correctly.

You can delay the hiding of the markes using javascripts setTimeout function. When it fires just check if the image is still visible (onExitFieldOfVisionTrigger) was not called and then hide the markers.

Sorry for my Bad English :/ I don't understand where I have to use the setTimeout javascript function....I noticed onExitFieldVision is fired soon if I move the camera. I want to avoid hide markers after some seconds without consider the recognition procedure

Thanks a lot

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