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Google Glass AR - Recognising office space

Google Glass AR - Recognising office space


Currently am working on Goole glass . I got to know that wikitude has released SDK compatabile to GLASS . Now i want develop a POC to showcase features of AR using GLASS. Am planning to develop app to recognise office workspace and respective employee positions. Can some one please provide any idea or approach to start and bestway. If i consider Imagerecognation like creating wtc with workspace snapshots . But issue is workspace is not static like snapped pictures and how can it recognise office workspace dynamically.

Or please provide some better ideas to start.

Can you some please suggest or help me to accomplish this.








Hi Srinivas,

Although your idea sound great "recognizing workspace and respective employee positions" is no feature of our current SDK version as SLAM and 3D object recognition would be necessary to somehow enable your usecase. Wikitude SDK's Image Recognition is currently based on static 2D target recognition (e.g. cover of a magazine), whereat you create the target information (wtc-file) upfront to get notified via JS (onEnterFieldOfVision) once the target is in recognized in the camera scene.

You may therefore e.g. recognize posters and other static objects in your workspace to create an experience.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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