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Configure different path for assets and bin directory

Configure different path for assets and bin directory

Finally I didn't have to change it. Thank you!

Hi there!

It is highly recommended to use relative paths in your project, that way you can easily reuse your code for any platform.

architectView.load("index.html") will load /index.html.
In this case any ressource will be accessed relative to the root assets folder.

Note that the "bin" folder is nothing you need to take care of, as it is dynamically created during build process of your Android project.

Kind regards,

Hello! I am integrating an App created with a game engine in Android, and I need to use "assets" and "bin" directory. I can not use these directories for Wikitude, so my question is if It is possible to use other different directory for Wikitude.

I can not merge directories, as some files have exactly the same name. 

I really appreciate any help with this issue. Thank you very much in advance!
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