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Publishing in CARIF (Interoperability)

Publishing in CARIF (Interoperability)


I am very excited about the new interoperability feature. I saw that Wikitude now generates an interoperability link after creating a new world.

I've tried to generate a CARIF file and feed it to Wikitude, but it doesn't work. It says it cannot find content. The CARIF file I generate follows this example:

According to and, Wikitude and others should to able to also process CARIF formats, not only to generate them.

Am I missing some additional settings when feeding a CARIF file to Wikitude (like HTTP headers etc)?




Hi Silviu,

Thanks for your question. Actually, CARIF is used as an internal interchange format between the browsers, it's not something you should write on your own. The CARIF document is useful for AR Browser vendors, not for content developers.

The way it works is that you use one of the authoring platforms of the participating browsers (either Layar, Junaio or Wikitude) and create the content in the native format. The browsers will then use CARIF as the interchange format to also display your content on the other browsers.

Here's a link to my presentation I gave two weeks ago at AWE 2014, that explains how the architecture works:


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