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hi, im interested in animating a 3d object, I did it in fbx, the encoded correctly, then youre instructions say"Check if your model looks and animates as expected and export it to a wt3 file. You need the IDs of the animations you want to use in your application. The IDs are displayed next to the animation control button (on the screenshot the animation ID is butterfly_animation). In your code you start an animation like this.

// instantiate the model object
var model = new AR.Model("butterfly.wt3");

// instantiate the model animation with the animation id
var animation = new AR.ModelAnimation(model, "butterfly_animation");

// start the animation

so im not a coder and it doesnt show me how to paste code so how can I do animations? like a tooth model rotating for example


Hi Doug,

there are two ways of creating animations:
One is that you import a 3d model (fbx/dae) which contains animations. The Wikitude3dEncoder displays the animationID in the right column. You can use this ID in your code to start the animation as described in the documentation with the butterfly example.
The second way is to use PropertyAnimations on 3d models. With property animations you can also create a rotation. In this case the 3d model doesnt need to contain the rotation animation. For more info about which properties you can animate check the code reference to the Model object.

The Wikitude SDK package contains several examples that might help you for your implementation.

Hope that helps,

I understand the id, thats not the problem, its the next sentence where it says you can use this in youre coding to start animation...what coding? where do i put it im not a coder, the id doesnt animate because no where does it tell me where to put the do i do that. thanks, can you gimme a screenshot or make a camtasia or youtube video showing how?


So I guess that you are using Wikitude Studio for creating an augmented reality experience. Currently animations are not supported in Wikitude Studio. This is only possible with the Wikitude SDK
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