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Bad usage of memory

Bad usage of memory

please, What was the solution ?

I'm working on iOS.

I make multi screen on app, one of them is for Wikitude.

Every time I open its screen/window, memory increase  ~ 20 M or more.I face memory crash.

I call "AR.context.destroyAll();" when I close its window to open another.

What can I do ?

Thank you,


Hi heba,
which version of the iOS SDK do you use? All 4.x versions should fix the issue.

Do you manage the WTArchitectView using a UIViewController subclass? How do you present the WTArchitectView containing view controller? Maybe you never delete your view controller / architect view?

Best regards


Thank you Andreas for reply,

I use WikitudeSDK_iOS_4_0_0.

I use the Code of Examples of WikitudeSDK_iOS_4_0_0.

And I make Google Places map URLrequest before calling "presentARViewControllerFromString". I created UITableViewController with rows with is places types like: Cafe, Bank, Hospital ... etc. And every time user click on row I start Wikitude through this method : "presentARViewControllerFromString".

Every time I start Wikitude Memory increase exponentially. But I found "tmp/com.wikitude.sdk" folder is empty.

Also, I used "viewWillDisappear" in my ViewControllers (most of them) to release and nil "architectView" and "standardARViewController". My app isn't ARC.

How can I delete view controller / architect view and where ? What is wrong in my sequence ?

Any updates?

Hi, the Developer Channel Release will go live tomorrow.
Simply check this link in the next time.

Best regards


Hi, we just uploaded the Developer Channel release for iOS.

Have a nice weekend!

Sorry Andreas but at this link I found only the May release, nothing about my req. May I still have to wait?


The file is already the updated one, only the date is the old one. 

Hi Philipp.

I just downloaded and included the latest release but the problem still present.

This is a screenshot taken after 2 minutes of 3D visualization:

And this is after another 3 minutes:

That's is, I think, because you re-draw the 3D model each time I upload my GPS position to adapt the size of the model depending on the distance. So the tmp folder still has all the 3D files printed before on the screen and you never delete them, I guess.


Can you give us more information how your application uses the Wikitude SDK View? Is it presented using a navigation controller, tab controller or is it the only visible view at all?
Maybe you can also send us the exported application from your iOS device using iExplorer so that we can check which folder contains which files. You can send the file or a download link to

Thx for your help in resolving this issue!

Best regards


Hi Andreas,

I analyzed the folders with iExplorer and I noticed the the tmp folder contain three folders with 3D model tmp files and these three, added, are 100MB size.

Screenshot in attachments. If you want, then I can upload the .app file.

Hi Luca!
Could you explain in a few sentences how your application flow is? I'm especially interested in how the WTArchitectView is managed. Do you destroy it somewhere in your code or does it live as long as the app is running? 

Best regards


When you start tha app you access to a page where you set, with a few taps, some settings that I pass to the ARView in the next controller.

Then I start the ArchitectView and with this a NavigationController that allow the user to change page, but all the app run around the ArchitectView. 

Then, in the AppDelegate, in the - (void)applicationWillTerminate:(UIApplication *)application  I destroy the AR.context with destroyAll(); method and I destroy all the instantiated classes

Can any one help me ?

If your project does NOT USE ARC, you need to call to delete the object. But your project SHOULD USE ARC!

Best regards

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