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ARML 2.0

ARML 2.0


I'll repeat my concern about polygon/polyline support in ARML 2.0 .

In the light on this information: 
... is it now possible to produce augmented reality GIS-content (point, polygons, polylines).


With best regards,

Raivo Alla

Estonian Land Board


guess it's time to update my question about polygon feature support now that ARML 2.0 is officially supported :)

Will there be any documentation or examples how to generate ARML 2.0 data services that offer polygon features?



Raivo Alla



The Wikitude team is still working on the ARML2 support, so right now there's no way to include Polygons and LineStrings yet in the SDK or in the App.

Sorry for not having better news right now.

Best regards,



does the new SDK 5 support ARML 2.0. I would be also interested in lines polygones and so on ;) (haven't found any information)

Hi Fabian,

No, the SDK 5 does not include ARML 2.0 support at the moment.


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