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Placemark Thumbnail and HiResImage

Placemark Thumbnail and HiResImage

I just tested the new wikitude app and found several issues with our worlds. First of all, the placemark thumbnail is displayed much larger now and gets extremly blurry. We provide the thumbnails with 64x64 pixel as mentioned in the arml-spec. But that does not seem to be appropriate anymore. Is there a new spec? And what should the thumbnail size be?

Also the high resolution images provided for our placemarks are not shown anymore.So far we provided them as jpeg - that was always working. The spec says png - might that be the reason?

Please let me know, what I need to change to get that straight again. Thanks!

Hi Hans-Jörg,

Thanks for your message, we have recently updated the ARML 1.0 specification for what our new Wikitude 8 needs. We have removed several tags that are no longer supported in the new version.

For the icon, we suggest to use a resolution of at least 256x256 px. This is due to the evolution of screens on the mobile devices.

Due to the same reason, you should now also use the thumbnail instead of the high res image, the high resolution tag is no longer supported in the application. Supply the high resolution image (can also be JPEG) to the thumbnail tag now.

Hope that helps.



Hi Martin,

thanks a lot for answering my questions in such short time. I already made the necessary changes to our ARML-export and everything looks great now!

Liebe Grüße aus dem Salzkammergut,


Hai..Good Day...i'm new to wikitude and really wanted to try it...Currently i using arml file for my wikitude world, i want to ask that, can i view the images in each poi viewed bigger when clicked or its just remain as fixed size in the world. And, is that restricted each poi with only one(1) image (wikitude thumbnail). Can i add more image fo each poi?

Thank you...All the guidance and information really will be helpful for all..

Thank you again..
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