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Interactive 3D probjects

Interactive 3D probjects


I have come across an augmented reality example in which the 3D Model was interative. Additionaly to that I could rotate it has couple of buttons that when pressed made 3D model change it's lights or anamate other separate little objects in the scene. It might be that interactions to these 3D objects where added in Unity development invirontment. I wonder if Wikitude supports such interactive 3D objects? Do interactive 3D objects done in Unity need to be processed with Wikidute 3D Converter in order to be supported? Can you advise me on which interactive 3D objects file formats are supported by Wikitude? 

Thank you! 




Hello Sergey,

the Wikitude3dEncoder creates the WT3 fileformat from a DAE or FBX file which can be used in your AR experience. We described the workflow in our documentation. If you add interactivity to an existing 3d model in Unity it's similar in Wikitude. You first choose the 3d model you want to use, then encode it in order to get a WT3 file (that Wikitude 'understands') and then you add interactivity by implementing it in JavaScript. There is no such functionality as a Unity import.

For 3d models you can use the onClick trigger for interaction. Currently Wikitude supports one click for the whole model.

Hope that helps,

Christian, thank you very much for your reply!

Yes, I am aware that Wikitude supports 3D objects interactions and at this moment we can add interactions like rotation and onclick. I have tried the example with the racing car and have used couple of other 3D Models and it worked very well. The interactions I have come across are a bit more advanced. For example you can tap on a button and car lights will go on. Tap on another button and car door will open, or trank will open. Tap another button and engine will start up... I believe these buttons are not part of Javascript but are part of interactive 3D Model movie and I have assumed these kind of interactive 3D models are done in Unity. They could possibly be done in Macromedia Flash but iOS does not support Flash movies...

So the only way to use 3D models with Wikitude is with the help of Wikitude3dEncoder which supports only two file formats DAE or FBX which I believe are 3D models only and cannot contain animations or interactive buttons build in. Christian, please correct me if I am mistaken. If this is correct is there any other way to use Interactive 3D models with Wikitude?

Thank you very much Christian and I hope to hear back from you soon!


...the only way to use WT3 3d models with Wikitude is by converting DAE/FBX models with our Wikitude3dEncoder. have to implement the interaction by yourself 

...DAE/FBX are 3d models only and don't contain interaction

But: DAE/FBX files can contain animations which can be controlled in JavaScript with our SDK.

Christian, thank you very much for your quick response. Can you help me find an example of how to trigger DAE/FBX build in animation with Wikitide javascript? Is there a special API Wikitude has to communicate with DAE/FBX or DAE/FBX support Javascript and let designers define javascript interface so develpers can trigger animations fom their scripts?  

Thank you Christian. 


I'm also dealing with interactive 3D objects, just see these links:

and am very interested to find a way to dump my models to wikitude. So just let me know if you are interested in some kinda cooperation or at least want to keep posted on any progress concerning to this...


Have a look at our blogpost and at the documentation. There you find a tutorial and a detailed description about the 3d workflow and how to use 3d models and animations in Wikitude.

Hope that helps,

Christian, this is very helpful! Thank you very much! 

I cannot find butterfly in Wikitude examples folder. Do you have it somewhere so we can download and try(for demo purposes)?

Thank you!


Unfortunately I cannot send you the 3d model because of licensing issues. But I can recommend the Mixamo website. They have some really nice 3d models (fbx). After registration you can download some of them for free.

Awesome Christian! 

I will register and try some of their example or try to create my own. 

Thank you!
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