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Newbie Question (WebGL)

Newbie Question (WebGL)


my main focus is creation of advanced parametric and/or behavioral 3D models that link to commercial data, such as SAP IPC, etc. As I'm flexibel on the gfx back-end side, I'm just wondering if I can implement my stuff based on your SDK too. Here's a demonstration of the already existing WebGL/X3DOM-based back end: Another back end is WiP for Unity-3D.

What I would need is

JavaScript (not necessarily on the gfx API)

async loading of assets

processing of XML/JSON

Looking fwd to your support. Really interested to get into Wikitude but want to check first if it's possible what I want to do...




3D models need to be converted to our .wt3 format with the Wikitude3dEncoder in order to be included in an AR experience. Please have a look in the SDK Documentation on how to convert them and how to include it in the AR experience.

Async loading of assets is done automatically in the background once you create the AR.Model. You can react on a loaded model by assigning a function to its onLoaded trigger.

XML and JSON can be easily processed with Javascript and you will find many examples for this on the internet. I would suggest choosing JSON if you can as it is easier to handle, especially in a javascript environment.


thx for fdb. Yes, sure, JSON is way cooler than XML with regard to easy processing and transfer.

In my models I need click handlers on arbitrary sub nodes. Is that possible with your API? If not, is this scheduled?



Unfortunately this is currently not possible. You will either need to split it up into separate parts of the model or work around this limitation by displaying some kind of menu.

We are always looking to improve the SDK and this might be something we will add in the future. However at the momement I cannot share any details.

Is there a way to do pick correlation by myself and this way detect which sub node was selected?

No, not at the momement.
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