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Selecting POIs on Glass

Selecting POIs on Glass


After spending some time developing a Wikitude app for Android, we would now like to make a version of it for Glass. I've loaded the SDK Examples onto our Glass as a starting point, and I can't figure out how to select a POI. Do you have any inbuilt functionality for this at all? You certainly have stuff in your Glass documentation about details panes etc that are supposed to appear when you select something!

As we are using the samples across all of our supported platforms the POI selection is not optimal for Glass. However here are some ideas on how to implement interaction:

- Use Glass's trackpad and callJavascript of ArchitectView to react to gestures on the trackpad

- Use the onEnterFieldOfVision trigger of a GeoObject to automatically select a POI becoming visible (difficult if there are more than 1 POI visible)

- Use following "hack" to execute a click ( see: for more details. Executing this every second or so would allow the user to select something by look at it.

In general this is something we want to improve in the future but I cannot share any timelines or concrete features yet.

Ok, thanks Wolfgang. You've given me some idea of how to pull something together. But I am looking forward to this being implemented as a basic feature in later releases - I realise it's early stages of development at the moment but when the Glass SDK is a thousand euro more than the Android one I wouldn't expect it to have LESS functionality!

Any news about selecting a POI and showing details on Google Glass?

Hi Haris,

I haven't developed for Glass on the newest Wikitude SDK so I don't know if there have been improvements but I can tell you what I found when I was working on it back in May 2014.

I couldn't find a way to get Wolfgang's third suggestion to work as I couldn't find a way to identify 'the middle of the screen' to Glass. But there was very little documentation and help for Glass when I tried to do this as it was early days of development, it's possible that it's easier to find a way to do that now. If that was possible, that idea seems plausible. Wolfgang's secnd suggestion seems reasonable as well but wasn't suitable for us as we would usually have several POIs onscreen at once. The first seems a little clunky and non-user-friendly to me.

We eventually abandoned the idea of having a Glass accompaniment for our app (and Glass is out of production for the time being anyway as you probably know). I feel like Wikitude would need to create a version of the SDK more tailored for the Glass platform to really make it worth it. At the time when I tried to use it, it was really just an unsophisticated port of the Android SDK that didn't have enough adaptation for the things that are different about Glass.

I couldn't find a way how to achieve that. I am movig to Metaio SDK just to give a try if that is possible
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