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Cannot scale 3D Model up or down...

Cannot scale 3D Model up or down...

Hi Eva,

Did you find anything that could help me out?

Kind regards, Ingrid

Hello Ingrid,

Since we are already in contact via email I have already replied to you there. Please consider changing the value of the translate.y starting with 1000.



- When I use the SDK 6.1 with same javascript, everything works as expected...
- When using SDK 7, 3D model scale is working very randomly (works on some models, sometimes doesn't work at all, sometimes works when changing only one value (like I said in previous post), and sometimes a blinking gray thing is displayed instead of my model...

- When I put my augmentations in the sample app, the model is well displayed.. I've been seraching around for hours to find out why I cannot scale my model in my app, but no luck.

Do you have any idea why this happens inb my app and not in the sample app ?


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