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Loading 3D model near GeoLocation

Loading 3D model near GeoLocation

Hi :)

in locationChanged I did this...

I iterated by all the markeList elements

for(i=0;i< World.markerList.length;i++)

Then I checked if I'm near the POI

if (Math.round(newLocation2.distanceToUser()) <= 5)

So I created a new var with the geoobject array

var markerNear = World.markerList;

And I used markerNear for all. So if you want show the model and delete the POI from the camera, do this





And to undo this





How did you exactly solve the problem? Could you demonstrate?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I solved creating a new array with information of the nearest marker (model hadn't to load data from World.markerList)



I want to load all the POI and, when the user is near (about 2 meters) to a POI, I want to show him a 3D model...

I'm using the sample of Multiplepoi modified... This is the code


for(i=0;i< World.markerList.length;i++)


                // Updating POI distance

                var newLocation2 = World.markerList.markerLocation;

                document.getElementById("page1").innerHTML = "a"+World.markerList.markerLocation;

                var distanceUpdate2 = (newLocation2.distanceToUser() > 999) ? ((newLocation2.distanceToUser() / 1000).toFixed(2) + " km") : (Math.round(newLocation2.distanceToUser()) + " m");

                document.getElementById("page1").innerHTML = "a"+distanceUpdate2;

                World.markerList.descriptionLabel.text = distanceUpdate2;


                // Loading 3D Model if distance is <= 2m


                if (Math.round(newLocation2.distanceToUser()) <= 15)


                    var model = new AR.Model("3d/"".wt3", {

                                             onLoaded: function()


                                             var geoObject = new AR.GeoObject(World.markerList.markerLocation);


                                             document.location = "architectsdk://clickOnObject?param=";

                                             //document.location = "architectsdk://clickOnCar";

                                             //this.scale.x = 0.01;

                                             //this.scale.y = 0.01;

                                             //this.scale.z = 0.01;



                                             /*onClick: function()


                                             document.location = "architectsdk://clickOnObject?param=";





But finished to load the 3D model, an error occured: TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'World.markerList.markerLocation')




That's why?
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