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How to Close the Wikitude App in iOS and Android?

How to Close the Wikitude App in iOS and Android?

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We have implemented Wikitude SDK in Android and iOS, we are using POI plotting from REST Web services. Do we have a common code for Android and iOS to close the Wikitude App? we want to invoke this from a Close button on the world. We have already tried the WikitudePlugin.close but its seems not wokring in iOS and we need to press back in Android to close. 

Please guide and advice on how to proceed further. Thanks.

We have written an article about how to close the Wikitude Plugin on iOS using a html button. 
The usage of the Android back button is shown in our PhoneGap sample app which is available on GitHub.

Hope you can impl. your app the way you want with these informations

Best regards


Thanks Andreas. The article was very much helpful, we followed the step and make it work with Android on button click, but in iOS, the redirection from architect sdk is not happening. Any idea why is not working. Does it need any particular version and above.


Kindly help. Thanks.

When I wrote the article, I used an iOS application to test and verify it's functionality, so I'm not aware of any issues on iOS. Maybe you use Safari Web Inspector to see what errors in JS occur that prevent the callback from execution. 

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We had to upgrade the SDK to the latest version to reslove it completely. Thanks.

Thats good to here!

It is broken on Wikitude 5.0 sdk for iOS.

The above article works for android just fine but does not work on iOS.

Using xcode 6.4 and iOS 8.4 on an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPod Touch 6th Generation.


Any updates?

Please use




anywhere in your code in case you are using wikitude plugin with javascript for android development.
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