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what is the best practice for managing huge targets

what is the best practice for managing huge targets

My App have many thousands of taregts

can target collection file have more than 1000 target? if the answer is NO

how to handle situation like this? and is it good practice to store this targets offline?

after target detect i want to play video or load 3d model based on the targer

Is Tracker fire events with target id so i can select what to display?

same like target collection is it good practice to store it offline or load video and 3d model remotly after detection?

thanks in advance


you can store more than 1000 images per target collection, however we don't recommend to do so. As a workaround you can create multiple target collections (each carrying 1000 targets) and switch between them as needed. You need to somehow logically group them as only one target collection can be active at a time. 

The API does not return the ID of the target image in the current version of the Wikitude SDK. This functionality is already on our roadmap and will be delivered in one of the next releases (couple of weeks away).

Storing your content offline (or implementing a cache strategy) depends on your use-case and the availability of network for your users so it is hard to recommend a generic strategy here. Of course content that is already on the device will play back faster.


Thanks for your response

for switching between target collections

do i have to create multiple tracker ? as tracker src property is read only?


how can i know that tracker  X found the target to stop searching for target in another collection ?

one solution i thought in to use flag variable if

onEnterFieldOfVision event fired set it to true


As The API does not return the ID of the target image , For finding any Image in the target collection found in the sceen

is that meant that i have to loop through all of  the image in target collection by name to know if any of them found in the scene?

or API provide another solution

In conclusion what  i want to achive

Find if any target of targets collection images is in the scene

If YES load 3D Model or Play  video file  ..... etc associated with this target

Sorry for many questions but just make sure that your product suitable for my needs before buy it

Thanks for your time

Only one tracker can be active at the same time. Therefore you will need to make a decision when to enable which trackers. You can base that on other external factors like location, user choice, time of day, ... 

At the moment you will need to create an AR.Trackable2DObject for every target in the collection. However you can and should reuse any AR.Model and AR.VideoDrawable object.

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