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"Assertion failed:" in Wikitube library

"Assertion failed:" in Wikitube library

Assertion failed: (type_ == nullValue || type_ == objectValue), function operator, file /Users/Emperor/Development/Tools/Jenkins/workspace/iOS_SDK_Build_Job/ARchitectCore/src/jsoncpp/json_value.cpp, line 1068.


I got this error, when opening view controller with WTArchitectView on it. And this ometimes happend and sometimes not 50/50.

Last SDK, I have tried it on iOS6 and iOS7.

I guess it may happend if I call JS code before World loaded to the WTArchitectView, But I can't find any delegate method to signal that world hase been loaded. Only loading error: - (void)architectView:(WTArchitectView *)architectView didFailLoadWithError:(NSError *)error;




Which version of the Wikitude SDK are you using?
The latest release has added a delegate method that is called when the ARchitect World has finished loading. Otherwise the SDK is waiting internally until the ARchitect World is loaded until callJavaScript calls are processed.
It might be that you're trying to create an AR.* object in your ARchitect World which has options/parameter set that are not valid or you try to get/set a property at a time where the object is just in a invalid state.

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