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iOS 7.1 & xCode 5.1.1, Build error.

iOS 7.1 & xCode 5.1.1, Build error.

This problem should not your problem. However, we are less experience on xCode; therefore, do you have any ideas on the following problem?

There is no problem when using iOS 7.0. After we upgraded the iPhone to iOS 7.1, and upgraded the xCode to 5.1.1.

Trying to build and test run the app to device, there are many errors and some warnings.

e.g. Apple Mach-O Linker Error, Apple Mach-O Linker Warning & Dependency Analysis Warning.

Any ideas? Thanks.

More information.

I am following your document to create a new app, build ios, and phonegap plugin to install the Wititude SDK.

Therefore, I think the Wititude SDK whould be latest one.

Any ideas?

We found the solution.

Remove the armv6 from both Project and CordovaLib. Will build successful.

Thanks. ^^
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