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Apple Maps Intent not working

Apple Maps Intent not working


We are making our app with Titanium (and obvously) Wikitude. We are usign architecht. So, one of the parameters on the POI is calling the intent for Apple Maps to open, using this method, as suggested by Apple itself.

It doesn't work.

Even more weird is that it open (calls) a Google Maps view. Even though we are not calling anywhere on the code.

Does Wikitude has an internal method that calls by default Google Maps?


Apple is indeed redirecting to Google Maps when using the 'maps' url scheme.

The Wikitude SDK does not support any map functionality, so you would have to use a Titanium map module when you want to use Apple Maps (I'm not sure if a Apple Map Module exists).
You could try to find a Titanium Module which lets you use iOS SDK functionality to open the Apple Maps App for a specific location. The method you need access to would be 'UIApplication openUrl:'.

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Thanks for the input!


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