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"device not supported" on Samsung Tablet Tab3 Lite (SM-T110)

"device not supported" on Samsung Tablet Tab3 Lite (SM-T110)


You could check which AR mode is supported on a device by calling ArchitectView::getSupportedARModeForDevice(Context) from your android code.

The result of this method is a bitmask with the supported AR modes:

public static interface ARMode {
    public static final int IR = 0x01;
    public static final int GEO = 0x02;

What this method does:

- check that the device is running at least Android 2.3 and supports OpenGL 2.0
- check that the device has a rear camera
- check if a location provider is available
- check if the device has a sensor of type Sensor.TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD
- check if the CPU supports NEON extensions (for image recognition)

I guess it's the 3g/4g model (i haven't in my hands, i just received a notification about the error from a customer of us).

It should have the magnetometer ( ).

Could i debug in some other way why it says "device not supported"?



Gyroscope is not officially supported yet, and I don't have much information about this particular device. Are you using the WiFi only model, or the 3G/4G?

For Geo-AR support we need the following sensors: accelerometer, GPS or other location service, and magnetometer. Do you know if your device has a magnetometer?

I've got the same problem with this device:

Is it about the lacks of gyro?


Thanks. It works with latest SDK.

Hi, I've read the specification of this device, and I see it lacks a magnetometer.

Are you testing with the latest SDK release? We recently added preliminary support for devices without geo-IR support, so it should work if you disable sensors and only work with image recognition.

If it still doesn't work as expected, please send a log from the device and we will investigate further into this issue.

"device not supported" on Samsung Tablet Tab3 Lite (SM-T110). Android 4.2.2

Same APK we created, it is working on others devices and tablets.

However, we installed and tested your SDK example APK, it works.

Any ideas?
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