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i want create external database and link it with my app

so what programming language used for database in wikitude ?

and what are steps ?


Hello Roony,

This is a fairly open question, as it mainly depends on your taste what tools and programming language to use.

For connecting to a database, you have several options. Most of modern programming languages have drivers for various modern databases. Typical choices include Java, PHP, Ruby and Python.

You need to first setup your database, fill it with data, connect with a programming language to the database, perform SQL queries, and return the data through a webserver.

I suggest to study the classic web application stack, then pick your database and programming language of choice, and implement your scenario. However, to achieve this in a good way, you first need to study the concepts properly.



I craeted database and linked to server but how i can connect database with my wikitude app?

i also have the same problem.

i need to call or connect the database to my wikitude app

please help me as soon as possible

i also have the same problem.

i need to call or connect the database to my wikitude app

please help me as soon as possible.


You can find information on how to connect your webservice to Wikitude by following the instructions in this Knowledge Base Article.

Let us know if it worked!

Best regards,


didn't work.

i mean where i call my database? how i can fetch data from it?

thank you

Hi Asma,

I still have troubles understanding what you actually want to achieve. Do you want to

1.) show your POIs in the Wikitude World Browser, or
2.) develop your own app using the Wikitude SDK?

In both ways, however, you need to connect to your database yourself (depending on your programming language and database you are using, the tools and drivers to be used are very different). Connecting to your database is not something Wikitude can actually help you with.

Once you have established your database connection, you can choose to either use approach 1.) or 2.).

With approach 1.), you need to develop a webservice and register it with our Developer Tools (as stated in the Knowledge Base article I've posted previously). With approach 2.), you need to connect your webservice with the application you develop.

In both ways, you connect to your database with a web application you're developing. Again, there are numerous tutorials in the web how to do that, depending on what database and programming language you are using. Please perform a Google search on these topics, yuo sure will find lots of tutorials you can follow.



7. Step-by-Step-Guide

1. Set up a Web-Server (Apache etc.) and a Web-Service which can serve the Wikitude


Try it with the following sample request:
? latitude=48.12&longitude=13.34&maxNumberOfPois=50&searchterm=pizza

After developing, register the URL (stated above as ).

Try it in Wikitude. DONE!


How to register the URL?, i dont get it.

please answer asap 

Hi there,

You need a place to store your files. You can have set up the database locally and have a loca url or you can choose a company to host your files and register the url there. 

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