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How to use animation clip

How to use animation clip

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i want to add animation to my app.i m working with phonegap andriod.

Thank you


Follow these steps to integrate a 3D model with animation into your AR experience:

1. Create an animation in your 3D modeling tool or use an existing model that includes animations

2. Follow the guide in the SDK documentation to convert the 3D model file (.fbx or .dae) into an .wt3 file using the Wikitude3dEncoder

3. Load the .wt3 file as AR.Model in your AR experience

var model = new AR.Model("");


4. Create an AR.ModelAnimation

var modelAnim = new AR.ModelAnimation(model, "myanimation");


5. start/pause/resume/stop the animation as usual (see JS API for all available methods.


Let us know if you have any questions.
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