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screen stand-by

screen stand-by

probably solved :

in layout I added :


and it seems ok .


Hello , 

following the examples ,  I created my first test application :

smartphone (sams. Android 4.3) scans an image and a clip is showed , 

I have a trouble :

if the display settings has 'screen timeout' set to 15 seconds , 

it happens that after 15 seconds that app is running , screen 

goes in standby mode and the screen of the smartphone became black , 

and sometime app crashes , 


changing screen timout to 10 min. app is running ok .


there is a way to solve it by code, i.e. preventing the 'standby mode'

of the screen ?


Tested with Samsung Galaxy Slll ,

attached file .log

link to the apk file (  error with 6.1 simple video  ) :

To riproduce the error : set , in the display settings , screen timeout to 15 sec.




Porcarelli Maurizio
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