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ios phonegap plugin installation

ios phonegap plugin installation

Hi all,

        I Am new to wikitude . I tried to follow the documentation to install wikitude plugin in phonegap project . But not able to install it and i am using mac os x.

step 1. created the phonegap project successfully

step 2. added ios platform to the project successfully.

step 3.added ArchitectWorld folder sucessfully.

step 4. build ios phongap project sucessfully

step 5. tried to install wikitude plugin using plugman 

      210:newhello ants$  plugman install --platform ios --project {PROJECT/PATH}/platforms/ios --plugin                                     

Fetching plugin "" via git clone


there is no downloading/fetching done its just struck there for ever. Please let me know what a problem in this case  and let me know is there anyother way to install a wikitude plugin in phonegap project (manual install and/or auto install) . Please answer me as soon as possible we have to decide on buying plugins . 



thank you



Hi Rajesh,
sounds like GitHub is not available. Have you checked the GitHub status and your network connection?

Best regards

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