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Image SlideView option

Image SlideView option


I wonder if Image View Slider is possible to imlpement with Architect javascript? What I am thinking to implement is this: 

1. Once target image is recognized a pop up Photo appears with an indicator that user can swipe left or right to see more photos.

2. User starts swiping left and right to see more photos on camera view

Image drawable does not seem to support swipe gesture. Can you advise me if Image Slider/Swipe feature can be imlemented with Wikitude SDK? 

Thank you very much!


Hi Sergey!
Unfortunately you can only add click handler to drawables and no gesture recognizer. You could add a image galery in native app code, but then the image galery would not be integrated into the augmented reality experience.


Best regards

Andreas, thank you very much for your reply! 

May I learn if gesture recognition is going to be supported soon? If yes, then may I learn when to expect?  

Thank you!
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