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3D encoder

3D encoder

Thanks a lot Christian..
Yea, I started using Autodesk Maya.. I converted some files to .fbx also.
i'll try using this..

thank you.

If you get such errors either the path is wrong or the file or the path doesn't exist. 
We do not recommend SketchUp as a modelling tool for exporting dae files. We recommend the free modelling tool blender for exporting dae files or Autodesk's Maya for exporting fbx files.

I quickly created an fbx file from your dae file. Hope that helps.

When i open a .dae file i get these errors:

1. File not found

File not found: CLEA%20%20-%20iXR/Metal_Aluminum_Anodized.jpg

2.corrupted png

Corupted png-file detected: (CLEA%20%20-%20iXR/Metal_Aluminum_Anodized.jpg)

i've used these files..
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