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3D encoder

3D encoder

When i open a .dae file i get these errors:

1. File not found

File not found: CLEA%20%20-%20iXR/Metal_Aluminum_Anodized.jpg

2.corrupted png

Corupted png-file detected: (CLEA%20%20-%20iXR/Metal_Aluminum_Anodized.jpg)

i've used these files..

If you get such errors either the path is wrong or the file or the path doesn't exist. 
We do not recommend SketchUp as a modelling tool for exporting dae files. We recommend the free modelling tool blender for exporting dae files or Autodesk's Maya for exporting fbx files.

I quickly created an fbx file from your dae file. Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot Christian..
Yea, I started using Autodesk Maya.. I converted some files to .fbx also.
i'll try using this..

thank you.
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