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Android (Java) to Javascript

Android (Java) to Javascript

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Previously an helped me with a question and I thank you for that. 


I has now emerged a new question which is about the passage of information between android and js 


I've been reading in the forum and and make mention to ArchitectView.callJavascript method which allows me to call a function in javascript loaded architect world, but I do not need to call a function, what I need is to pass information from java to js to arm the direction of webservice and / or change parameters in the request 


Agradesco all kinds of help they can offer 

Hi Roberto!

To pass information from native Java code to your JavaScript environment you may ether:

> use e.g. architectView.callJavascript("updatePlacemarks()"); // ensure updatePlacemarks-function is defined in JS
to notify your JS abour events controlled in native environment or

> use e.g. architectView.callJavascript("injectData({'key1': 'value1', 'key2':'value2'})"); // ensure injectData-function is defined in JS and can deal with one object-parameter

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
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