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Replacing trackers

Replacing trackers

How to use the target collection created, in our project ? (Basically our ARchitect World)



for information on how to use the target collection for image recognition, please see the documentation on image recogntion ( and the image recognition sample that comes with the SDK package.




I did try with that Nicolas... also gave me information regarding replacing trackers.

But where do I locate it in the Android project of mine, to replace the names of image files?! I'm finding that difficult...


did you have a look at the Android Setup Guide and the Sample App for Android that comes with the Wikitude SDK? The setup guide describes in detail how to load an Architect World in your app. 

Hi Sahana!

Please have a look at the provided Sample-Application. Any resource required for the AR-experience is part of the Android assets-folder, where every sample has its own directory. Replace the assets of a particular sample with your's or paste whole experience sources and ensure the file to load is named "index.html".

Kind regards,

Yea... I did replace my files in the assets folder of 1st example. & also included target collection file ( .wtc extension) which i created online.
   Next I renamed the .wtc files in the Android program i.e. the javascript file of the project. But it is still not detecting the tracker/marker image, which i created..! :(
How can I ensure my tracker detection ?

You also have to update the target's id when defining a trackable2DObject, check out sample documentation.
Sample e.g. uses "pageOne" whereat your generated id usually is the fileName of the targetImage without extension (check target generation tool, mouseover the white area of the target to let targetname appear)

Kind regards,


Its still not working !! 
      Is it necessary for the files to be in .png format ?!

ohh.. Yes
   I gotit :) Thanks a lot Andreas !!
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