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Swipe problem.

Swipe problem.

Would like to swipe on the AR view, however, it doesn't work.

Moreover, on iOS, the HUD view will be displayed when swipe to left, but not happened on Android. Why there is different?

How can I make the swipe works on AR view?


May I ask you to clarify your request. Have you implemented any swipe recognizing code and which one? It might help to describe the whole expected behavior and what is working and what not.

I am using HtmlDrawable to load the following url. When swipe on the screen there is no action.

Thanks, that cleared things up for me. Unfortunately rich touch interactions is not supported with html drawables. They are limited to single clicks at the moment. If you want to display 3D objects, I recomend looking at AR.Model. It enables you to put 3D models right into the AR scene.

Not 3D objects actually, but 3D effect with jQuery or other jQuery effects.

Example, we can make some puzzle game on the target image. ^^

However, how to solve the second problem.

When swipe left on iOS, will back to HUD view, but it doesn't happened on Android.

This is standard behavoir on iOS implemented by the OS. A swipe from the left screen edge will bring you back to the previous viewcontroller.
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