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Android vs iOS - Recognition time.

Android vs iOS - Recognition time.

Wolfgang, thank you very much for your response! 

The error message I have mentioned is on:

HTC EVO 3D c515a. Android 4.0.3 but I gave up on this device already... I borrowed that device for testing and could not get the app working stable. I am testing now on Galaxy Nexus. Android 4.2.1 with very very simple Navigation Drawer example which has three menu options on of them is architectview camera and the other two are empty. The app keep on crashing when loading architectview fragment. If you could help me figure out why I will be very thankfull. We are making a decision of using Wikitude SDK in one of our projects but I just cannot get Android version to work stable... iOS version works excelent. 

I posted my log file, MainActivity and Fragment in this thread. Can you have a look?

There should not be any difference on compareable Hardware. What devices and platform versions did you test this on? What SDK version are you using?

We haven't seen these messages in our logs, can you attach a complete log file so we can investigate this further?

Image Recognition on iOS works excelent. Image is recognized and pop over layer with video or photo is displayed almost instantly. However the same .wtc archive does not work as good on Android devices. I have tried different devices with different Android version. It takes from 3 to sometimes10 secods for devices to recognized the image. I thought maybe it is because of camera quality but no, only one android device has 5 megapixels camera the rest three are 8.1.... What could be the cause of this difference in recognition time? Is it because Wikitude iOS library has better algorithms?

Also I am getting lots and lots and lots of this kinds of messages in my log file 

<qgl2DrvAPI_glUseProgram:1318>: **** 9765: glUseProgram(12)

And there like hundreds and hundreds of them. App UI renders well but can these error messages be the cause of slow image recognition on Android phones?


Thank you. 
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