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AR View flickers randomly in Android and iOS

AR View flickers randomly in Android and iOS

I've the same issue. I will send you an email with a preview of the problem.

It happens randomly.

I can assure you that we are treating all client information confidential, but I understand your concerns.

Have you checked the other points I mentioned in my post? If this isn't helping I would suggest extracting the ar content (.js files and assets) replacing any assets under NDA with dummy files. We need an example that exhibits your problem.

I can't send the project to you since we are in a Non - Disclosure Agreement with a Client. What are the necessary individual files can I send to you?


As it happens on different devices and we haven't experienced it inhouse, can you verify that the video handling code is correct. One way of doing it is to use the ADE (comes with the SDK and allows you to run the AR content inside a desktop browser) and check if there aren't any errors and if the execution flow is as expected.

I assuming the sample app is working without an issue on those devices?

If you this does not yield any result, you can send us the complete project and we can take a look at it (forum AT wikitude DOT com).

I was running JellyBean on my S4 last Monday. However, I updated into Kitkat yesterday. While still in JB, the flickering issues happen, and sometimes the video does play, sometimes it does not. In my AR View I included the CSS Header in your examples and I see the word "Loading" for some while, I point it to the tracker, the video does not play so I minimize the app. I go back to the app, then the video plays. This also happens on my IPhone5. 

We haven't had any such experience inhouse, but will investigate. What android version are you running? Does this happen with an empty ArchitectView as well (just camera visible)? As you mentioned VideoDrawable: did this introduce the flickering?

Any other devices affected by this?

I have a Video Drawable on my tracker. When the screen flickers, the video does not play.

Do you have any animation on the AR view? or HUD view?

I run my AR on my IPhone and my S4. At some point, the AR View flickers or blinking. I thought this is because the phone has been on for so long and the flickering disappeared after restarting my devices. It happened again, I restarted it, but still the flickering happens. Uninstalling sometimes does the trick, but its not always the case. How can I resolve this issue? Thanks!
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