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Load url in background without opening in device browser

Load url in background without opening in device browser

Is there any way to load the url in background without opening it in browser. Currently I am using AR.context.openInBrowser to load my php file. What I want is to load php file but without opening it in device browser


Why would you want to open it in the background? If you want to communicate something to your server and probably get a response back, please look at XMLHttpRequest. It is part of standard javascript. The JQuery library (which is used by a lot of web developers) does a great job of making such an request as easy as possible.

If I missunderstood your request, please clarify what you want to achieve.

Thank you for the response sir.

Actually, after the augmented button is clicked , the target name is loaded into server. Then with respect to the target name data are fetched from database and according to which, JSON data are created. Next thing I did was created a button. Clicking that button helped me to trigger JSON parsing. With a help of JSON parsing, JSON data were fetched and displayed in mobile device in ListVIew,


Same thing. You can using Javascript "XMLHttpRequest" to load the JSON data with AJAX calling.
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