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Image recognition in Phonegap

Image recognition in Phonegap

Dear Support,

We are facing issues implementing Phonegap application to run on Android and iOS device.

I have setup the development environment as per the instructions:

When I try to directly build the PluginSamples application it throws the following error:

An error occurred while building the android project.Error executing "ant clean -f "/Users/sangeet/Downloads/wikitude-phonegap-samples-master/PluginSamples/platforms/android/build.xml"":
/Users/sangeet/Downloads/wikitude-phonegap-samples-master/PluginSamples/platforms/android/build.xml:49: Source resource does not exist: /Users/sangeet/Downloads/wikitude-phonegap-samples-master/PluginSamples/platforms/android/

Total time: 3 seconds

If i build it by creating a new project through CLI, and then adding all native plugins, device, geolocation, accelerometer, camera, file, media etc. and also including Wikitude Phonegap Plugin via plugman, and then when I run the app on devices, it says device not supported for Nexus 4, also Iphone 4 (and this is a huge let down).

I really wanted the AR application to support as many devices as possible, and Iphone 4 is not that weak to not support AR, as many AR engines are working fine on Iphone 4.




Hi Sangeet,
Regarding your iPhone 4 question:
The iPhone 4 should be supported. The IR performance is not as good as on dual core devices, but it is supported. Which version of the SDK and PhoneGap Plugin are you using?

Best regards


Wikitude SDK version 3.3 phonegap plugin and phonegap version latest. It still says for nexus 4 device not supported, while sample application is running just fine.

Hi Sangeet,

I just wanted to inform you that our SDK 4.0 - which includes major performance improvements also for low end devices like the iPhone 4 - is ready to download. Just get it from our download page.


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