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Floating Markers

Floating Markers


Ive noticed that all Android devices (Ive tested 4 new smartphones: Note 3, Droid Razr, Galaxy S4, Nexus 5) and the POI markers are not "sticky". They seem to float around no matter how slow I move the phone.

Ive noticed that when moving on an axis (spinning around) the markers are somewhat sticky, but when the device is tilted, the markers float incredibly bad.

However, this is non-existent on iOS. Leading me to believe there is some sort of setting in the Android SDK that needs tweaked. This also seems to be present in the Wikitude app on the Play Store as well.

Is there a way to fine tune the accuracy or fine tune the SDK to make these markers actually stick to their POI?


Hi Brandon,

iOS has built in gyroscope support, unfortunately Android has not and our SDK has neither. We are aware of this behavior but I cannot tell any release dates for this feature release so far.
There is also no workaround for this available. Depending on the device compass sensor values and interference markers are more/less sticky.

Kind regards,
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