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Rouned POI

Rouned POI

Good day! 

I have square photos and I need to represent in POI browser rounded photos with border. Something like this 

I mean replace blue rectangles (POI #1, POI #2, etc.) in exampe with such icons (border color are changed depending on data in marker).

It is possible? 


It is possible however not directly supported. Here are the steps I suggest to accomplish the rounded icons from rectangle images.

1. Load images in native part of the app (iOS or Android)
2. Apply a mask to the images and store the rounded images on the device
3. You can load the images in your World by suppling the corresponding absolute file URL to an AR.ImageResource
4. Use 2 AR.ImageDrawble with the border image on top of the rounded image when creating the AR.GeoObject.

Let me know if you have further questions.


There is a new implementation in order to create rounded images?

Hi Dario,

No, you still need to prepare the images yourself before using them in the Wikitude SDK.

As addition to the previous answer, you could also create a 'mask' image that you render on top of the original one. The mask image would have some transparency in the middle and some white/black (whatever fits best for your use case/CI) pixel at the border.

Best regards,


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