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Phonegap plugin 3.2.1 android 4.1 text input issue

Phonegap plugin 3.2.1 android 4.1 text input issue


I love your work and i preconize the use of your sdk to my customers.

i use wikitude sdk 3.2.1 with phonegap 3.1.0 in a project.

The ARWorld has a Close button , onClick="location.href='architectsdk://close'"

The calling phonegap view is a form with text inputs. It declares UrlInvokeCallback which calls WikitudePlugin.close(); for //close

Everything works fine  : The calling form works, arWorld is correctly opened then closed on click BUT

on Samsung galaxy tab, Android v4.1, when i'm back from ARWorld in my form,  Text inputs doesnt work anymore : keyboard is shown on focus, but no typing... word suggestions work well.  

Everything is fine on nexus7 4.4.

I have sold a project with 2 wikitude licenses included, but the customer test it with this tab... Can you help me ?

Note: when i inspect webviews with chrome on nexus 7 , ARWorld html view is still present in inspection targets after call to WikitudePlugin.close(); i don't know if the arworld is well destroyed...

You're not the only one having this issue, I hope the devs have a response soon. I've been waiting for an answer for weeks.

Hi Vincent!

Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce the issue with the devices in our office.
Could you please try the following:

Update to latest PhoneGap Version

Ensure to use latest Wikitude SDK Plugin

If issue still occurs: Please send us a sample project (subject: "PhoneGap Plugin & SDK 3.2.1", android (at) ) where we can reproduce the issue so we can work on a fix for the next release

Please note that your issue is not necessarily an Wikitude Plugin issue but may be caused by Android's WebView changes or PhoneGaps interface updates. Allthough we try our best some Android devices are more equal than others and a bit more challenging.

Looking forward to resolve the issue and make your client happy.

Kind reagrds,
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