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Using Clusters in Wikitude

Using Clusters in Wikitude

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Hello everyone, anyone could tell me how to use clusters in Wikitude when there are too many POIs? Thanks in advance.


I found the attached script (clustering.js). It has some methods that can help you to identify the POIs that are in the same direction. It also groups them in an array, but you have to implement the code by yourself in order to show them in a cluster.

I am trying to use the script in my code in order to get the cluster with the POIs inside, but unsuccessfully. Actually, I haven't found any tutorial in order to cluster POIs, but I suppose Wikitude people are working on it. Meanwhile you can try clustering.js script (all methods are explained).

Sorry I can't help you more. If someone knows how to group POIs in clusters or has found a tutorial, please...


I am also facing this clustering of POI's issue. I have got the clustring.js file but I don't know how to use it.

Please anybody help me. Thanks in advance.

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