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Indoor positioning

Indoor positioning

I ended up using this from Titanium :


It gives me a 6 digits float number, really more accurate. I hope this can help somebody else :)


After a lot of testing and research, I need some directions to see if Wikitude can suit our needs.

We need a SDK that works with Titanium for a game-like app. Basically, it consists in instantiating objects in the same room as the user and being able to catch them and interact with them.

The problem is that I only achieve a medium accuracy with GeoLocations resulting coordinates with only 4 digits. The coordinates are really not enough to see a real difference in close quarters. I know this is a device issue, but since these are not old devices (HTC One V, Acer A500 and the iPhone 5s), this will be a great issue for our app. On the iPhone, your sample app never had the chance to throw a position. In addition of that, the app is for everyone at home, so we don't control the environment at all.

I don't know if there is another way to achieve what we need with Wikitude. 

Thank you!
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