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Basics of HTML5 based application

Basics of HTML5 based application

Hello All,

I am very much new to this platform, though i have tried the couple of things in studio, i am not getting full idea about the development.

may be i am missing with search criteria or not enough smart to find out :). I have few qestions related to development, I hope i will get the correct pointers for the same.

1. I want to create standalone android application - So in short i don't want to ask my app users to download the wikitude application and then look/ run my app there, so in short my application will by default have fuction which shows the AR without any additional efforts/ downloads than my app.

2. I want to store all my targets may be around 200 in app itself. - So in short i want to store almost 200 flowers details (Tragets/ markers), so anyone who points to the flower in remote area somewhere in jungle, app user will be able to see the flower details. So inshort without 3G/4G connection, app should recognize the image and loads the details from local app database.

3. All above I want to do it using HTML and android SDK so is it possible?

These things are quiet possible with the vuforia, I have tried it but it has some different issues/ challenges. So my basic idea is here i can use the HTML and CSS which is best in technology and lightweight. 

So please help me and also execuse me if the questions are too basics or not making sense or repeated.


Thanks in advance.





Not sure why nobody has answered this question? is question wrong or anything wrong in text, admin or can anybody please reply on this,

any pointer will great help.. thanks in advance

Hi Sagar,

Details to your questions:

1. As our SDK is a standalone and fully customizable product, there is no need for your users to have Wikitude. Everything is handled within your own app with your own design and branding.

2. Our SDK works with up to 1000 images that can be recognized offline simlutaniously. So there is no need for any internet connectivity to make use of the image recognition functionalities.

3. Yes you can achieve the obove with our Android SDK and create the AR experience with HTML.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



Hello Nicola,

Thanks for the quick response, I have already started, will keep you posted questions if i have any,

Thanks again.
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